Pityriasis versicolor: a mycosis of the trunk that is difficult to overcome
It is one of the most frequent human mycoses (or fungal infections), and develops on the trunk of adults. It is characterised by roundish spots that may be single or connected to form patches, appear mainly on the trunk and, depending on > read all

Educational - Dry And Chapped Hands
Hands become dry during the winter’s harsh conditions. The back of the hands becomes rough and scaly, palms tend to form cracks or fissures (rhagades). The discomfort is remarkable: there is loss of sensitivity, burning or pain when touching salt or citrus fruits, difficulty in dealing with delicate > read all

Cutis care - Acne: new treatment strategies
Acne is one of the most common dermatological affections. It is known as a ”juvenile” or “pubertal” condition because it onsets in the period of sexual development, and this is the most widely recognised form. However, it can continue beyond puberty or appear for the first time in people aged 20 years or > read all

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13/04/2014 - News DermaClub
A study published on JAMA links the use of Viagra with increase of Melanoma. > link

06/04/2014 - News DermaClub
Food additives found not produce skin reactions in chronic urticaria. > link

31/03/2014 - News DermaClub
Head lice now carry a gene mutation that makes them resistant to pesticides. The natural Pediculus System is suggested. > link

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